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The House of Peter dates back to around the first century. This house is claimed to be the house in which Jesus’ disciples went to pray and live after his death for at a short period of time. The walls have inscriptions that say “Lord,” “Christ” and “Peter.”

The building itself has walls made similarly to dry wall. The building seems as if it was first made of one room built in the early first century, and eight more rooms built around it 500 years later. It also appeared to be a part of an “insula” (“a complex of small single-storey residential rooms and courtyards”)

Lady Egeria, a Spanish pilgrim coming to see the holy land, described the place as a house with its original walls, made into a church. Later on, in the second half of the fifth century this building was made into a basilica, with an octagonal church enshrined around it.

         This discover is very important, because it enforces Jesus’ apostles roles after his life. The house helps to prove that the apostles continued to live and possibly spread Jesus’ word.

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Text Box: "As soon as they left the synagogue, they went with James and John to the house of Simon and Andrew."	
- Mark 1:29

The House of Peter

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