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Shroud of Turin

Text Box:  “Through the wealth of data uncovered by historical and archaeological research, we are able to measure the Bible's historical accuracy.  In every case where its claims can thus be tested, the Bible proves to be accurate and reliable."  
Dr. Jack Cottrell

House of Peter

Herodian Sites

Biblical Archaeology

Archaeology plays a major part in showing people that the many Biblical events occurred.  However, archaeology cannot be used to bring truth to everything that was ever mentioned I the Bible or in ancient writings because some of these writings were fictional stories, or elaborations on truths to influence the people of that time.



Shroud of Turin                                   

The Shroud of Turin was the burial cloth of Jesus. What makes it so interesting is that the positive view of the cloth is actually shown on the negative (shown at the right). This image may seem to be the greatest thing ever; an image of Jesus; but there is still a jury out to prove that this is not real.

Small portion of John 18.                             

This is a small piece of the original copy of the book of John, which dated back to before A.D. 125. It is one of the earliest pieces of the original copy of the Old Testament.

House of Peter

This house, which took more than 70 years to excavate,  seems to us to be a church in which Jesus’ disciples lived, and prayed; at least for a short period of time.

Herodian sites (or the Herodium)             

This is a perfect example of Herod’s magnificent building capability.  “It gives us a feel for a Temple-centered religion, and helps us to imagine what Jesus saw and what he must have found objectionable.”                          

 Burial Box of the High Priest Caiaphas.                      

This limestone box is one of the only proofs that indicates that early Jews in fact practiced a reburial processes. Reburial practices occurred as an indication of a strong belief in the afterlife.


 Archaeology is our main key to the truths of our past. This is what is used to prove that events, people, items, and empires really existed and it is vital in the role of proving that the Bible and most everything it contains is real.


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